Travel Tuesdays – Accessories

You don’t really need cute accessories to travel; all you really need is a way to get there and a heart full of adventure. However if you believe in horoscopes (I almost typed that as horror scopes, haha), since I am a Libra I have to surround myself with pretty things. I don’t put a lot of stock in such things, but I am a total and complete magpie and pretty things make me happy. So here are some super cute things I found that might make your travel easier, or at least more beautiful.


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Scratch Off World MapHow very cool is this?! It’s a map that you can hang on your wall, and the countries are covered with that metallic coating you find on scratch off lottery tickets. Every time you visit a new country, you use a coin and scratch off that country on the map, revealing a bright color underneath – so you and others can see where you’ve been and where you still need to go. This makes me want to travel the world just to uncover the whole map. (Seattle Travel Shop, $34)

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The Perfect Travel Jewelry BookConsidering I usually just throw my jewelry into a little Ziploc baggie I think I need this in my life. This little “book” contains pages with spots for earrings and rings, pouches for small items, a mirror, and hooks for bracelets or necklaces. The whole thing zips up all the way around so nothing falls out or is lost, and there’s a protective soft flap so nothing gets scratched. Comes in four pretty colors. (Ross-Simons, $29.95; 30% off through 3/15/15 with code BIGSALE)


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Minimergency KitThese are super cute. Inside each little pouch for her is a bandaid, dental floss, a mending kit, double-sided tape, a pain reliever, an emery board, tampon, deodorant, stain remover, polish remover, a safety pin, earring backs, lip balm, breath drops, nail polish, and hairspray. Basically anything you could possibly need in any emergency! The pouches come in all different colors and patterns. There’s also a “For Him” version for $2 less that contains a mending kit, deodorant, buttons, safety pin, nail clipper, bandaid, stain remover, hand cleansing towelette, pain reliever, breath drops, dental floss, and shoe shine. Very handy to take on trips – it’s compact and TSA friendly! (Pinch Provisions, $16)


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4-in-1 Lens for iPhone 6/6 PlusThe camera on the iPhone keeps getting better, and it is so much easier to take that on trips – since I’d have it with me all the time anyway – than to lug around my Nikon and have to worry about damaging it or leaving it somewhere. Plus it’s heavy! This great little product clips on to the phone and gives your phone photos a professional feel; s good as the lens included with your phone is – the bigger a camera lens is, the better photos it takes. There are four lens options – fisheye, wide angle, 10x macro, and 15x macro. (Olloclip, $79.99)

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Gadget CarrierThis product is pure luxe. You absolutely do not need this, but how sleek and beautiful would this look in your travel bag? This leather flip-open case is lined with a soft cotton canvas and has 4 pockets and 1 zippered pouch that can carry your phone, mp3 players, mini tablets, cords and accessories. The whole thing snaps together with brass closures. Somebody buy this for me for my birthday! (Carbon2Cobalt, $99)

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Taste for Adventure FlaskFinally, a lovely little bit of fluff for you. Like the gadget case above, you will have the time of your life on vacation without this – but how adorable is this? Having this flask on me would make me feel like Hemingway on a safari (without the big game hunting, because endangered animals). This stainless steel flask is made by British brand Wild & Wolf, who supports WaterAid – an organization committed to providing clean drinking water to people around the world. (ModCloth, $39.99)

If you’re planning your own adventure and would like a little pretty in your bags, take a look at one of these! Here’s to happy travels.