Thirsty Thursday – Flavored Water


It can’t always be booze you guys. Besides, with the weather warming up, water is super important! It helps your skin, your hair, your weight – everything you want looking perfect for summer.

Personally I have a hard time just drinking plain water, unless I’m super super dehydrated or it’s really hot out. Otherwise I need some kind of flavor or bubbles or something to keep me interested in drinking it. I first started using the little Crystal Light powder packets, but they ended up being too sugary tasting, plus the artificial sugars were kind of messing with my system. Then I began using the little drops they came out with – tons of people make them now, like Dasani and Mio and even Kool-Aid now – which were great because you could control how much flavor and sweetness you wanted. But they still have artificial flavors and colors which, I’m not super against those things necessarily, but natural is almost always better.

So now, I take a water bottle, cut up any fruit I have on hand and put it in the bottle, and then fill it up with water. The longer it sits the more flavor there will be! I like it because you get just a hint of flavor without it being overpowering or super sugary, and it just seems really refreshing. Today I used half of a granny smith apple and a few frozen raspberries – which is nice cause then you don’t have to use ice! You could also experiment with certain vegetables like cucumbers, or herbs like basil and tarragon. Cucumber lime would be good, as would strawberry mint or strawberry basil. It’s fun to play with and come up with new flavor combos!