Skincare Saturday – DIY Pinterest recipe …

… or as I like to call it, “Jill tries it so you don’t have to”. Have you seen this floating around Pinterest? Basically it’s a DIY Bioré strip recipe, or blackhead removal peel off mask. You mix gelatin and milk, heat it up so it’s goopy, apply it to your face and let it dry, then peel it off.


Mix one tablespoon of milk (you can use any kind of milk you want) with one tablespoon (or 1 1/4oz packet) of unflavored gelatin. You can add one drop of essential oil if you’d like. Heat in the microwave about 15-30 seconds; you want it warm but not so hot it burns your face.


Stir to mix, then use your fingers or a makeup brush to apply it to your face, avoiding your eyes, nose and mouth. You’re also going to want to avoid your hairline – this is sticky sticky stuff. Let it dry for about 15 minutes; it will feel really tight on your face.


(Boy that’s a hot look innit?) Starting at the bottom of your face, start peeling it up and off your face.


In theory this will all come off in one fell swoop and clear your pores in the process. In practice … this stuff was kind of like glue. It was difficult to apply, and as I applied it to my face it would peel up other parts of it I had already put down (you can kind of see that under my right eye there).


Also, I tried to get a nice edge around my face so it would be easy to get a grip on it and pull it off, but I ended up having to scratch at my face trying to get it to peel up. Peeling it off did not feel cleansing or therapeutic – it kind of honestly hurt, although one silver lining is I don’t think I have any hairs on my upper lip anymore. By the time I got up to my forehead I got impatient with the process and ended up just scrubbing my face with warm water to get all the rest of it off.

In the end, I don’t feel like it actually did anything for my pores. There was no visual, visceral aspect of seeing all the stuff it pulled out like with the Bioré strips. This is billed as a cheaper DIY option to Bioré strips, but honestly if that result is what you want – just get a box from your local drugstore! They’re not that expensive unless you’re using them every day, which really isn’t necessary.

Pinterest fails are their own Internet category, and sadly I think this has to be added to the mix. It doesn’t make me lose my faith in the site though – there are still some great ideas on there! What are your favorite DIY recipes?


Skincare Saturday – Peter Thomas Roth


I purchased this set from Sephora a while ago. In it, you get samples of their Max Sheer All Day Moisture Lotion, Instant FirmX Eye gel, Laser-Free Resurfacer, and FirmX Peeling Gel, plus a full size bottle of their Anti-Aging Cleansing Gel. At $38 this set is a fantastic value – this cleanser alone is $35 plus you get to try other great products! And the samples you get are generously sized and work wonders, but I’d like to talk about the cleanser today.

This oil-free formula contains glycolic acid, which exfoliates and encourages skin cell turnover; salicylic acid, which helps control oil production; panthenol (pro vitamin B5), which moisturizes and nourishes the skin; and lemon, lime, and grapefruit extracts, which help brighten the skin. It’s supposed to help clean and nourish the skin while diminishing fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. It’s good for all skin types except sensitive skin – so whether it’s dry, combo, oily, or acne-prone, it will work for you!

I really love this cleanser. It cleans my face without making it more oily or feel stripped of moisture, it gets all my makeup off – even eye makeup, without stinging my eyes – and I do think it’s working wonders on my skin. Because of the glycolic and salicylic acids I don’t use it every day, but I feel like it’s gentle enough that I COULD use it every day without it harming my skin. It also has a really nice peachy, fruity scent that’s not overpowering. I either use just my hands to massage it into my face, or I use my Olay ProX Advanced Cleansing Brush for extra exfoliation when my skin is feeling particularly dull. That brush, by the way, does a very serviceable job if you don’t feel like splashing out for the Clarisonic or Michael Todd varieties; I don’t feel like the brush is overly harsh on my skin, and it does a very nice job of cleansing and exfoliating my face.

So if you’re in the market for a new cleanser, give this one a try! I would highly recommend you get the kit – for $3 more you can try some other really great products (I love the Resurfacer in particular). Have a beautiful weekend!

Skincare Saturday – DIY Eye Makeup Remover


Eye makeup remover is expensive. Not only that, it doesn’t always work, or it irritates your eyes. I had gone back and forth on a couple of different brands for a while, and then found one from Simple that I really liked – just as Target stopped carrying it. Sigh. So I went back to using the one from Almay, which was okay but not great. Then I saw a pin on Pinterest about a DIY version and thought – huh I wonder if that works.

In short, it does work. Beautifully. Even better, it’s super cheap and doesn’t sting your eyes! All you need is Johnson & Johnson No More Tears Baby Shampoo  – or a store brand equivalent – and water.

I dumped out the last bit of Almay stuff I had left and used the empty bottle. You could also use one of those travel size bottles they carry in Target and so on. Pour in a little bit of the shampoo – I don’t measure it, but I’d say I put in about half a tablespoon or so – and then fill the rest of the bottle up with water; shake to mix. That’s it!

Each time I use it, I shake it up a bit to make sure it’s mixed, then I soak a cotton pad and wipe off my eye makeup. It takes almost everything off in one swipe; the only things that might take a little more elbow grease are the usual suspects, like waterproof mascara and long wear eyeliner. Even then, I don’t feel like I have to scrub until my eyes are red. It’s gentle enough even for sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers.

Also – I already had a bottle of baby shampoo when I read about this, because it’s what I use to wash my makeup brushes! So if you’re also shelling out a lot of money for pricey brush shampoo, stop! Baby shampoo is gentle enough for even natural hair brushes, and you can’t beat the price. I keep my brushes in a mason jar type glass mug – when it’s time to clean them, I fill the mug with warm (not hot!) water and a few drops of the shampoo, then I swirl each brush in the jar one at a time and rinse in cool water, repeating as necessary, until the water runs clear. Cleans the mug too! Then you can either hang the brushes to dry, bristles down – this contraption is neat – or what I do is roll up one washcloth and set it on my sink, then lay another washcloth on top of that. Then I set my brushes on the washcloth so that the handles are resting on the rolled up cloth – that way the brushes are sort of angled down, so the water can drain away from the ferrules.

Two DIY products, one necessary ingredient – and it’s under $5. That is a beautiful thing! And it will keep you beautiful and clean and free of bacteria. Can’t beat that with a stick if you tried!

Skincare Saturday – My Favorite Mask


I purchase most of my beauty products at the drugstore. I kind of have to – I work a retail job, I have rent and car payments and bills to pay. I’m not dead broke by any means but I also can’t justify spending $40 on a mascara. However, skincare is one area I’ve found it’s hard to scrimp on.

I have somewhat problematic skin. It’s combination – my t zone and eyelids get very oily, my cheeks and the perimeter of my face can get somewhat dry – and somewhat sensitive. Not so sensitive that it can’t handle exfoliants, but certain things can irritate it very quickly. It’s a little weird actually, because the rest of my skin is very sensitive, but for whatever reason my face can handle things better! Also, any changes in sleep, eating patterns, hormones, etc, show up immediately and visibly on my face. So I try very hard to take good care of it!

This is the GLAMGLOW Youthmud Tinglexfoliate Treatment. Yes, it’s kind of a mouthful, and no, at $69 for 1.7 oz. it’s not cheap, but this stuff really works. It’s comprised of French sea clay, which helps absorb impurities and toxins without drying the skin and helps minimize pore size; volcanic pumice rock, which gently exfoliates; and green tea leaf pieces, which provide antioxidants. At the sink or in the shower, you apply a thin layer all over your face after cleansing. The green tea leaf pieces are admittedly a little weird and kind of go all over the place, but just make sure the mud part is in a nice layer. Then leave it on for up to 10 minutes – you’ll feel it sort of tingling and tightening, in a nice way. Then, wet your hands and rub your face in circular motions to exfoliate, and rinse. My skin feels so much softer and clearer after I use it!

You can get it at Sephora or at GLAMGLOW‘s own website. If you can’t justify coughing up $69 for a mask, Sephora has a smaller .5oz size – I found it in the bins by the checkout – for $19. You don’t use a huge glob of the stuff per use, so even the smaller size should last you a while!