Makeup Monday – February Favorites

I know it’s a little farther into March for such a thing, but I still have favorites videos popping up in my YouTube feed so at least I’m not the only slacker. These aren’t things I’ve just used this past February, but they are products and items I’ve enjoyed immensely over the past month!


Bee All Natural Organic Lip BalmI got this item in an Ipsy bag. Like Burt’s Bees, these are made with beeswax, but somehow I love this formula more. It moisturizes without feeling heavy or slick on my lips, and it isn’t shiny at all, which makes it an excellent prep for lipstick. I use it every single morning – I put it on after I brush my teeth and let it sink in while I do the rest of my makeup, and it makes my lips soft and ready for any lip look. The scent I have is grapefruit, which smells fresh without smelling fake or chemical. They also have unscented, peppermint, cinnamon, and chocolate.

Maybelline Brow DramaI feel like this product has upped my brow game. Before, I would use my Milani Easy Brow pencil to fill in my brows, and then I would use a random dark brown pencil to add a little depth. This worked fine (and honestly, using a darker pencil or other product is a good trick), but this product just makes my brows look fuller and sharper. I still use the Milani pencil first, then I go over my brows with the Brow Drama in Soft Brown, which is slightly darker than my natural color. The gel formula also sets my brows in place so they stay looking nice all day! It also comes in Blonde and Deep Brown. It would be nice to see them come out with a couple other colors – an auburn would be nice, and a more taupe shade that’s in between blonde and soft brown.

Maybelline Fit Me! Matte and Poreless FoundationThis foundation is really, really great. The whole Fit Me! line is well formulated and has a nice range of colors. I have it in 130 Buff Beige, and it’s a really nice color for me – even with my pale winter skin. It evens out my complexion, and it does make my skin nice and matte without making it look like dull plastic – I don’t even have to use a powder right now. That might change in the summertime when it’s warmer out, but for right now as it wears my skin just looks like skin, rather than looking patchy or powdery or oily.

BH Cosmetics Professional Blush PaletteI’ve talked about this before, so I won’t go on about it – suffice to say I have been using this palette for blush and bronzer exclusively since I received it. I honestly haven’t even looked at my drawer of blushes and bronzers at all in the last month; the only time I even open it is to get a highlighter. The brown you see in the bottom left hand corner of the picture is a nice contour shade; I love the bright pink right below it as well. But honestly I’ve found a reason and a makeup look to use every single color in the palette at one point or another.

Burt’s Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes – Pink GrapefruitThese towelettes contain citrus oil, which is a natural astringent and therefore good for oily skin. I like these because the towelette is nice and thick and soft, and the formula doesn’t sting my eyes or rub my skin raw. It gets all my makeup off and doesn’t make my skin feel sticky or greasy either. It does a pretty good job with my eye makeup too, even though I still use my eye makeup remover just to make sure all my mascara comes off. I like the scent, too, very fresh and fruity.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day Night Cap Overnight PerfectorThis is still the sample I got last week! I’d say there’s still about half left – you don’t need to use very much of it at a time so it’s lasting me a while. I really like this product – I put it on at night either on damp hair after a shower or on dry hair, and it makes my hair shiny and bouncy, despite the fact that I desperately need a haircut. It will also help protect your color if you dye your hair. The product is super lightweight – my hair is extremely fine so that’s important – and isn’t greasy or oily at all, so it doesn’t transfer to your pillow or sheets.

Coach Poppy Eau de ParfumI got this in a little set with a roller ball and a hand lotion when it was on clearance after Christmas. I tend to alternate between different perfumes but lately I keep reaching for this one. It’s a little bit fruity, a little floral, but has deeper notes of sandalwood, cedar wood, and vanilla to balance that out. I think it smells really good on me, and I seem to get more compliments when I wear it than any other perfume.

Target Women’s Statement Necklace in Mint/SilverThis necklace kept catching my eye every time I walked past the jewelry display, then the display changed and I didn’t see it again. Later on my friend and I were at a different Target looking for accessories for a dinner out that night, and I spotted it in their jewelry department and snatched it up! It has such a lovely vintage feel, the rhinestone centers of the flowers make it sparkly, and even on my small frame I love these chunky statement necklaces. It’s particularly nice with a lower cut top or strapless.

Cadbury Mini Eggs: In retail parlance, when Valentine’s is over, Easter begins, and when Easter begins – Cadbury Mini Eggs appear. I love this candy above all other candies you could possibly throw at me; Easter is my favorite candy holiday just for these. I buy loads of them every year, and I buy them early because I’m not the only one who loves them. The candy shell is nice and crispy, doesn’t taste fake, and the chocolate inside is divine. So if you want to bribe me now you know what to get me! That or Tagalongs Girl Scout cookies, which coincidentally come out around the same time.

Those are my favorites! What products have you been loving this month?


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