Fashion Friday – Blog Edition

I love reading various fashion blogs, for inspiration or just for fun. Here are a few of my favorite ones from around the interwebs!

Go Fug YourselfThis is pure fun. I mean I guess sometimes it could serve as inspiration, if cracked out fashion is what you’re going for. Heather and Jessica chronicle all the questionable, eyebrow-raising, often hilarious, sometimes amazing fashion of celebrities and quasi celebrities. Their writing is top notch and often hilarious – Heather’s spoof of Jennifer Lopez (“HOLA LOVERS”) is a particular high point – and they can be as deliciously bitchy as their beloved Dynasty icons. Look out soon for Fug Madness – their version of March Madness which pits the best of the worst of the past year against each other.

The SartorialistThis is the work of a fantastic street style photographer named Scott Schuman. He travels all over the world and photographs any interesting fashion that catches his eye, both men’s and women’s. It’s beautifully shot, and super interesting to see the choices made by impossibly chic people of different cultures and walks of life.

Trop RougeVanessa of Trop Rouge has one of those effortlessly cool, slightly androgynous styles. It’s fun to scroll through her site and dream of oxford shoes, blazers and cool hats! Also she has enviable hair.

The Chronicles of HerJust a lovely fashion site filled with pretty easy things. She tends toward high end but there’s still a lot of great ideas here.

The Little MagpieA site run by a Scot by the name of Amy Spencer. She has kind of a bohemian chic vibe going, and has a good mix of high and low fashion. She is one of the people I want to be when I grow up.

I hope you find some of you next favorite sites here! Happy reading!


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