Thirsty Thursday – Baileys Honey Bee


I don’t know if you’ve noticed but I love a good cocktail name. I mean how cute is Honey Bee? Good thing it’s also delicious!

Another thing you may have noticed by now is I like a good simple cocktail. I hate it when I find something that looks really interesting and tasty, and then I click on the recipe to find that it has ten ingredients and involves chopping and muddling and pouring in such a way that the layers don’t mix. Don’t get me wrong, there is definitely an artistry to such drinks and if you’d like to make me one while I sit and watch and drink, then please be my guest. I’ll even cook you dinner. But if I’m making my own drink, I want it to be clean and simple.

This cocktail involves three ingredients, and you don’t even have to have a shaker. I found it on Baileys’ website; the measurements there are in metric and I think I’ve ably translated it to ‘Murican measurements. Be warned, it is very boozy – so go easy, honey.

Baileys Honey Bee
  • 2 1/2 oz. Baileys
  • 1 oz. whiskey (I used 2 Gingers)
  • 1 tbsp honey
  • ice (optional)

If using a shaker: Fill shaker with ice. Add in the Baileys, whiskey, and honey. Shake, then strain into a glass. I did not have ice (cocktail fail), so I put my little mini bottle of Baileys into the freezer for several minutes until it was nice and cold. Then I measured out the whiskey and honey into a measuring shot glass and stirred well until mixed. I poured that into the glass, then added in the cold Baileys and stirred again.

I really liked this drink; it was sweet but not cloyingly so, strong but didn’t make me wince every time I took a sip. The nights are still cold here, even though spring is right around the corner – so do yourself a favor and dream of summer with this Honey Bee!


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