What I’m Loving Wednesdays – YouTube

You guys I am hopelessly addicted to YouTube. I have several subscriptions, and on off weekends I check them every day – and get a little sad when nothing new pops up! Most of my subs are beauty related, but I do have a couple non-beauty channels I watch religiously.

Beauty Broadcast – emilynoel83

Emily is, hands down, one of the best beauty bloggers on YouTube. She’s been around for a long time – since 2006 – and she uses her former news personality skills to perfect use on her channel. She is engaging, fun to watch, LOVES makeup, and best of all – she’s honest. She will try anything at any price point, and even if it’s the most expensive thing from the most haute beauty house – if it’s not any good she will say so! For the most part, if she says it’s gold, I buy it without question, because I know she’s true to her word. At the end of the year, she compiles her favorites of the year into a multi-part Emily Awards series that is great fun to watch, and very informative. I’ve been watching her for a few years now, and I have learned so much from her videos.


Pixiwoo is the combo of sisters Sam and Nic, two British professional makeup artists. They have years of experience, teach classes in England, and have their own line of makeup brushes. They do a great mix of easy wearable tutorials and more challenging runway or fashion spread type looks. They do err on the side of higher-end makeup brands, but their tutorials are easy to follow, and it’s easy enough to recreate them using drugstore brands. Keep a look out come October for their Halloween tutorials – they have some of the best on YouTube. If Emily taught me the most about the makeup itself, these girls have taught me the most about the art of applying said makeup.

SORTED – Sorted Food

Cute British boys with adorable accents cooking delicious food. Do I need to say anything other than that? It’s basically the best girl porn ever. Oh you’re not a girl? Fine – one French restaurant-trained chef and his buddies show you how to cook amazing meals, or show you three ways to cook one ingredient, or whatever else you need to learn how to do to impress the girl or guy of your dreams. Just do them a favor and learn the accent!

Simon’s Cat

Adorable cartoons that speak real truths about living with a cat. Each one is super cute, but the funniest one in my opinion is “Fly Guy”. If you own a cat, or you’ve owned a cat in the past, or you have a friend that owns a cat – you will recognize your life in these cartoons.

A Model Recommends

Former – and still sometime – model Ruth Crilly bangs on about makeup, skincare, food, health, and anything else that strikes her fancy. She’s a hoot to watch, and even though she used to be a model, don’t expect all her product recommendations to cost an arm and a leg. She also has one of the fluffiest cats I’ve ever seen, named Mr. Bear. If that sort of thing strikes your fancy.

If you need yet another distraction in your life, check out these channels! And let me know which ones are your favorite – I’m always looking for new channels to become obsessed with.


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