Fashion Friday – Booties


I didn’t really need new shoes. I mean, I have a lot of them. Flats, boots, high heels. Black, brown, grey, red, blue, leopard. But what I didn’t have was a really hot pair of high heeled black ankle boots. This is my justification and I’m sticking to it.

It didn’t help that they were in the clearance section of DSW, and my friend had a $5 off coupon she wasn’t going to use. So that day I walked out with these beautiful Guess booties!

Soft black suede and shiny black snakeskin are bisected by a zipper on each side – a decorative silver one with Guess imprinted on the pull, and the functional one on the other side. It features a 4″ heel and a 1″ platform, and rounded toes. As far as comfort goes, I wore them the other day when I had a couple of hours to kill. My friend had a long job interview near Ridgedale Mall, so I decided walking around a mall for two hours would be a great way to test these puppies out!

They are definitely not the type of shoe you can do any marathon walking in, nor can you walk very fast in them, but while my feet were tired by the end they weren’t screaming for mercy either. They would be absolutely fine for a shorter shopping trip, or running errands, or going out somewhere where you’ll be sitting, like dinner or a show. Some people may not understand the impulse to wear a shoe that isn’t 100% comfortable, but the fact is wearing a shoe like this makes you feel sexy and beautiful and powerful – it makes you hold your body a certain way, stand up taller and straighter, and it forces you to saunter rather than scurry to your next destination.

I couldn’t find this exact bootie on DSW’s website, but they still have plenty of similar styles – definitely check out their clearance section for cheaper options! If you don’t have a good pair of high-heeled ankle boots in your repertoire, consider investing in a pair. They look great paired with jeans; either dress them up with dark skinnies, or down with lighter distressed denim. Or pair them with a skirt like this one or this one – you can add black tights for a monochromatic look or leave your legs bare for contrast. Or, put on a pair of fleece lined leggings and these shorts (which are currently 50% off!), then top with a crisp white button down shirt or a pretty knit sweater like this one.

Happy shopping!


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