What I’m Loving Wednesdays – Music Edition

I don’t entirely remember how I discovered The Mynabirds. I think it was a combination of seeing them on a list of great albums on Buzzfeed, and seeing the cover of their second album on iTunes. And yes, I absolutely do judge things by their cover. I’m a visual person – if the cover of a book or album fails to catch my interest – or even worse, is blatantly awful – I’ll move on to the one that does have an appealing cover.

I read the reviews on iTunes and listened to the previews of each song. I started with their second album, Generals, because it had more of a rock feel, and that was what I was looking for at the time. The song “Generals” in particular caught my ear.

After listening to the whole album I ended up buying their first album, What We Lose in the Fire We Gain in the Flood, also. This album has more of a folksy, borderline country feel. At the time I bought these albums, I was baking at my local Target. I had to go in and start the day’s bake at 3am, and until 8am when the store opened, we were able to listen to iPods. These two albums ended up on repeat for a large part of that summer.

The more I listened to each album, the more I realized – there is not one bad song on either album. Usually even a good album will have at least one song that is just okay, listened to once and then forgotten, but every song on each album is perfect. The melodies and rhythms are beautiful, the more upbeat songs make me want to dance, the words are deep and meaningful without feeling heavy-handed or pretentious, and Laura Burhenn’s voice ranges from low and smoky to delicate to powerful.

If I had to pick two favorite songs from each album, it would be “LA Rain” and “Give It Time” from What We Lose … and “Generals” and “Disarm” from Generals. Do me a favor and check this band out. They just finished their third album at the end of last year – waiting on pins and needles for a release date!


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