Makeup Monday – My Five Favorite Reds


I love a good red lip. So much that I can barely close that drawer in my makeup collection! It works with dramatic smoky eyes, it works with minimal eyes, it works when you don’t have time to do anything else with your face but you want to look like you haven’t just crawled out of your own grave.

So here, working left to right on my hand, are my five favorite red lippies:

Matte: e.l.f. Matte Lip Color in Rich Red – This is a beautiful classic blue red. It’s highly pigmented, and super comfortable for a matte lip color. It’s not very long wearing – you definitely have to touch it up after eating, say – but it also doesn’t disappear right away.

Orange red: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Love That Red – One of my first red lipsticks. In the world of classic reds, there are those that fall on the orange side of the spectrum, and those that fall on the blue side of the spectrum. This is more on the warm orange side. Technically speaking, these type of reds look best on those with warmer, darker skin tones, but the fact is even very fair skinned people can pull off an orange red – it will just pop more against the skin, so balance it out with a darker eye. This lipstick has a rich creamy formula, gives off a little shine, and wears beautifully.

Blue red: Wet n Wild Silk Finish Lipstick in Cinnamon – These lipsticks are an absolute steal at 99 cents. Yes you read that right! While there are definitely some hits and misses in this line – and similar cheap lines like NYC and e.l.f. – these lippies are a hit. This is a beautiful blue red, which looks great on fair skin tones (although again, it will look great on darker skin tones – it will just contrast more so pair it with a rich eye!), and blue reds have the added benefit of making your teeth look whiter! The formula is creamy, the finish is beautiful, and it’s comfortable on the lips.

Dark red: Maybelline Color Sensational Matte Lipstick in Divine Wine – This is a great example of the oxblood trend that was big this last fall. This is a dark, dark blood red, and the matte finish makes it look lush and luxurious. You can either apply it straight from the tube for a bold look, or with your finger or a lip brush for a more subtle look. This is fairly comfortable for a matte lip, but you may want to layer it over a lip balm for added comfort.

Gloss: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer in Big Bang – Also known as Apocalips in the UK, these lip glosses pack a HUGE color punch. One coat of this rich true red is all you need for incredibly shiny red lips! The applicator is unique also – it’s almost a bit like a ladle, with a divot in the doe foot that holds product, which can make application tricky. I find the best way is to wipe off any excess product on the applicator, leaving the product that’s in the divot, and using that to apply it to my lips. Then I use the part of the applicator I’ve wiped off to clean up the edges. As far as wear – this will transfer onto absolutely everything, so be cautious of that, and it may also help to use a lip liner with this product, as it has a tendency to travel outside your lip line otherwise – I like this one from Jordana in Sedona Red.

Also I’ve changed the theme on the blog – do you like it? Something just seemed off about the old theme, so I played around with different ideas and settled on this one. Let me know what you think!


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