Travel Tuesdays – Winter Carnival


Do you like winter? Believe it or not there are people out there that do! My boyfriend is one of them – he’s not happy if there aren’t feet of snow on the ground in the wintertime. Here in Minnesota, you either love it or you learn to tolerate it, because it lasts for what seems like most of the year.

January and February can be the most trying months of winter. Holidays are over, the snow stopped being cute long ago, and it’s brutally cold. If you’d like to inject a little magic back into these bleak months, head to St. Paul come January 22nd for the Winter Carnival!

There are lots of events to remind you why winter can actually be cool – ice skating, ice sculpture contests, parades, and sometimes (if they can get the funding) an ice castle! There’s also a rich history behind this event which has been held every winter for over 100 years in St. Paul. Each year a prominent member of the community is nominated to be King Boreas, King of the Winds. He and his Queen of the Snows and their Princesses lord over the Carnival, along with Klondike Kate providing some burlesque-type song and merriment. His enemy, Vulcanus Rex the God of Fire and his Vulcans, plot to overthrow him – a feat which is accomplished every year at the end of the Carnival, thus showing winter out the door and ushering in the spring thaw! Even if that doesn’t actually happen until May in Minnesota. 😉

It’s actually quite a fun event, so if you find yourself in Minnesota this time of year – or fancy a visit – do check it out!


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