Makeup Monday – My Favorite Eyeliner


Do any of you use a beauty subscription? There are lots of options – Birchbox, Beauty Army, Ipsy, etc. Basically you pay a certain amount every month and in return you get a box or bag of various products. Some do sample sizes, some full size, some a mix between the two. I definitely recommend you check them out and try one that fits with your budget and needs! It’s a great way to try different things that you normally would maybe pass by, or can’t even find in your local stores.

I use Ipsy. It’s $10 a month, and there’s usually at least one full size product in every bag. When I first signed up I was on a waiting list, but then I got an email saying if I did a number of steps – liked them on Facebook, subscribed to their member’s Youtube channels, etc. – I could jump the waiting list and start getting my bags right away. Not sure if they’re still doing that but it’s totally worth it if they are! They put the sneak peeks of every month’s bag on their Facebook page, and the Youtube channels are informative. I’ve basically loved every bag I’ve gotten, even if I haven’t loved every product.

One of my first bags contained what has easily become my favorite eyeliner! Jesse’s Girl Liquid Eyeliner comes in three shades now – Black, Blue and Dark Brown. I have the black, and I use it nearly every day. It comes out a rich, deep dark black without having to go over it a billion times, and it has a calligraphy pen-type brush tip that means you can draw your lines as thin or thick as you want them. It dries very very fast – seriously, any mistakes need to be cleaned up with eye makeup remover – and is totally smudge proof, even on my oily lids. Best of all, it’s cheap! You can get it on their website for $6.99, which is a great price for what I consider to be a high end quality product. Plus they offer free shipping on orders over $20!

Try it out and let me know what you think! And if you decide to try out Ipsy – let me know! You earn points for referring people. 🙂


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